Little Frida


  • Image of Little Frida

White shirt with black and pink print of our Little Frida.
Sizes are limited at the moment. Check details for long sleeve and short sleeve.

Image of Chiquito Pero Valiente
Chiquito Pero Valiente
Image of Custom Shirt
Custom Shirt
Image of Sonrie
Image of Tia is my Bestie
Tia is my Bestie
Image of Chiquita Pero Valiente Toddler
Chiquita Pero Valiente Toddler
Image of Mija
Image of Mijo Toddler
Mijo Toddler
Image of Tacos Tortas Tamalos For Life Long Sleeve
Tacos Tortas Tamalos For Life Long Sleeve
Image of Cubs Calaberita Youth
Cubs Calaberita Youth
Image of The North Side Youth
The North Side Youth
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